Acidity session 2024

Do you pop an antacid pill to reduce acidity? Did you know that while an antacid will only relieve you of your acidity symptoms temporarily, acidity can be fully cured? YES! You can get rid of acidity completely through food and simple lifestyle changes.

Acidity is often the burning sensation in the stomach. Sometimes, there is acid reflux that you experience in your throat. However, acidity could also be in the form of constant burping, bloating, etc. If not addressed in time, it can lead to GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) and some severe cases of acidity can also lead to peptic ulcer. Don’t worry. Nutritionist Amita Gadre is here to help you.

For the first time, Amita has come up with a session on ‘How to reduce acidity’ to address the digestive condition faced by millions of people every single day. 

What you will learn in this 2-hour session

gastric (2)
Causes of acidity
diet hack
Diet hacks reduce acidity
Adaptogens/Foods to manage acidity

What you will also get is ​

Free Zoom recording of the session

When: 3rd February 2024, Saturday
Where: Zoom Online session
Time: 9 am - 11am IST
Duration: 2 hours

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INR 1499/-

Early bird offer - INR 1199/- (Early bird offer valid till 25th Jan 2023 only)

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