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With a mission to empathize with, enable, educate, and empower everyone to take charge of their nutrition and health, Amita has conducted hundreds of workshops with thousands of audiences.
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Customer Reviews from our Seminars

"Grateful for the myth-busting session! Amita's guidance simplified healthy living, easing my anxiety from social media overload. Now, healthy eating feels effortless!" - Corporate India attendee


“I learned a lot from today’s Seminar. I will now incorporate more vegetables into my daily diet. And I love the way you express yourself.”


“Such a relief to know that I don't have to take up a second job to be able to afford a healthy diet! Thank you for the session!”

Krishna Pathak

“Eyeopener for me. I never focused on the simple balance in our diet. Now I will.“


“I was up till 3:30 am to attend your session. We only get to hear about superfoods but not how to use them. Your session taught me that. The best part- you didn’t ask to eliminate any food group“