B Mohanachandran

Eating right helped me recover from chronic acidity.

After enduring years of digestion related problems, I finally decided to take action. I consulted nutritionist Amita for diet advice; am so glad that I met her and did this programme! Before I started the programme, I used to experience #acidity and #heartburn, #constipation and abdominal bloating. I had been on medication to counteract this for years and it was beginning to give me unpleasant side effects.

When I met Amita, I was not sure as to how eating certain foods were going to fix my digestion issues of so many years. I was scared of eating anything as I thought all food would give me acidity. I even underwent elaborate investigative tests to see if I had any other health issue. On understanding all of my health issues, Amita explained to me that the #antacids that I was taking were only controlling the symptoms. She showed me drawings to explain what was happening in my digestive system and how eating the correct kind of foods could cure my acidity and constipation.

My constipation is cured, I don’t feel bloated now and my energy levels have improved a lot. I no longer have to take any antacids and acidity is a thing of the past – only because I began eating right.

I began feeling optimistic with the information shared with me and suggestions of what I could eat and what I should avoid. Amita is a good listener, patient and supportive. She gave me clear explanations for her recommendations and divided her suggested changes into manageable chunks. Amita has not only given me recipes and advice about food, but also helped me understand my triggers – both food-wise and in terms of stress.

The quality of my life has changed for the better, thanks to Amita. Within a short span for four weeks, I was able to see significant improvement and now I feel in control of my health. My constipation is cured, I no longer feel bloated and my energy levels have improved a lot. I also sleep better at night without any acidic reflux and have lost some weight as a bonus. I no longer have to take any antacids and acidity is a thing of the past. I can wholeheartedly recommend Amita, as a professional with thorough knowledge of nutrition; and a practical easy to follow approach to dealing with health issues.

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