Milind Bibikar

I wish to share my positive experience of working with Amita Gadre’s Holistic Nutrition. I am Milind Bibikar, Director & Business Coach at Expandus Busines Coaching Pvt Ltd. Being a coach myself, I understand the importance of having a coach in the area of life we want to improve. I wanted to improve my fitness.

I wasn’t regular at exercising for last 3-4 years and during this period I tried different fad diets or quick fixes and always fell off-track after few days. I couldn’t remain consistent with any of them for more than 3-4 weeks at a stretch. I strongly felt the need to do something about it during lockdowns and I signed up with Amita.

I completed her 3-month program and looking at the results, I decided to continue with her to achieve the next level. During this period, I benefited in multiple ways and some of the major WINs for me were;

• I internalized new and healthy eating habits and since there is no drastic change from my staple food but these were minor tweaks, I am sure I can continue with these habits lifelong. This could be possible only because of Amita’s personalized guidance.

• With Amita’s coaching and regular follow up sessions, I have been consistent with exercises for past 4 months and my increasing strength and stamina, I am able to take up more intense workouts.

• Earlier I could never run…. for 2 reasons, I had no stamina for running and secondly because of knee pain. Amita pushed me to try running and also explained the right ways to eliminate knee pain. I am now able to run 5 km at reasonably good pace. I
feel I can run even more.

• Lastly, I have shred few kgs of fat and reduced a size but I am mentioning it in the end because I feel the real value I got was the first 3 points which are much more important than losing weight. I must also mention, I am not starving, I am eating enough and I am eating everything (I am mindful of what I eat).

Having an experienced coach like Amita definitely continues to help me improve my fitness through her guidance, education and motivation consistently. I strongly recommend everyone who values their health & fitness to work with Amita.

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