Mrunalini Navgire

We started back in late Oct with a 3 month plan for immunity building. Considering my medical history of 2 past Angioplasties and an erratic stressful lifestyle Amita gave me assurance that she will work up a plan around my hectic schedule with minimal invasion. There was no goal for instant weight loss or a huge change in eating habits and exercise routine.

Amita gave me a very simple meal plan which was easy follow and a basic exercise plan that I could choose on my own from the Nike app. With a long history of a bad back and neck exercise is a huge problem for me. We chose a very simple flow plan to start with. The combination of mindful eating at short intervals and a short routine of stretches and walk through the was all it took. The meal plan that Amita came up with was based on my likes, dislikes, allergies etc. When I told her about my previous observations about bloating after wheat consumption, she happily add rice to my meal plan. Some components to work on my cholesterol and energy levels through the day were added.

Throughout the 3 months Amita took follow-ups and regular checks on me. I did have my cheat days and did go out and indulge on bi-weekly lunches out. However those surprisingly never impacted my weight nor my health. Then 3 months down the line came the time to get my annual check-ups done. I was dreading this time as the past 2 years had revealed my worsened health conditions and heart issues. I tried to delay this process every week, but finally there was no further escape and I had to take it up. I was dreading the treadmill and had fear of failing my stress test again. But I not just sustained, my stats during the test were stable too.

When finally the reports were delivered to me and the consulting doctor happily gave me a green flag it was a simple endorsement that Amita’s magic had worked. Yes! Not just my blood reports were all clear, my HDL cholesterol was at a healthy level and LDL was low. Overall a good report with just 3 months of minor shifts.

I am happy to endorse and recommend Amita to everyone who is looking for that support to being in a healthy change. Little steps can go a long way is what she had told me during my first interaction. True to her words the difference has been made.

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