Sneha Walawalkar

Sneha lost 7 kg in 4 months and improved thyroid hormone levels

‘In past three-n-half months I have lost 7 kg, improved thyroid hormone levels and am feeling extremely happy and energetic these days. I recently completed 10K marathon run in 1.23 hrs which I thought was a highly impossible thing to imagine 4 months back.’– Sneha Walawalkar.

I had been over weight for quiet some time and always used to procrastinate the plan to do something about it. I started my weight loss journey when one of my colleague mentioned about a weight loss program that he was undergoing under Amita’s guidance and how happy and confident he feels with the results.

In our first meeting,I had a detailed discussion with Amita about my routine, likes-dislikes in food and other food habits. She guided me with how much quantity of food I should have in number of meals, what to include in the daily food intake, the water intake quantity, and the most important factor – ‘Exercise’.

I started with 30 mins brisk walk from day one. I made sure that I had fruits in my daily routine which was not the case earlier. Initially it was very difficult for me to reduce my rice intake in dinner but slowly with Amita’s guidance I managed to skip rice and replaced it with healthy soups/bhakri/daal.

Thank you Amita for your guidance and encouragement in this entire journey, and I promise to stick with this healthy lifestyle always. (I do follow your blog so will keep experimenting those cake recipes and will blame you for those extra calories)

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