Tejas Mulay

Tejas Mulay – lost 20 kgs in six months

I had been overweight from early twenties and planning for weight loss for many years. Atlast i started weight loss program with my wife Vrishali. I thought let’s give it a try. We went to Amita and said need your guidance. She had a long discussion with us on our lifestyle, likes/dislikes, profession, working hours, medical condition and almost everything. And she designed a diet plan for me. Diet plan included meals spread throughout the day and jogging. I was ok with diet plan because it was not not very much different from my normal food (obviously except sweet & oily), but jogging was a problem. I had never jogged in my life and i was expected to jog for 50 minutes. But Amita told me to start with brisk walk and then slowly start jogging. This is the way and with these thoughts in my mind i started my diet and exercise regime.

In first week itself i lost about 2kg and in a month i lost 5kg. Yes this was magic. This was just a beginning. Amita used to review performance on each Friday. If performance was good I used to get incentive in the form of a diet holiday and if it was not so good ( very rarely I had bad performance) she came to know that diet is not followed or its not effective so a new revised diet plan was on the way. Communication was the key. We used to communicate regularly on my performance, on how diet was going on, exercise is helping or not. I used to ask for guidance even if a single meal is missed. She used to give me an alternative for missed meal.

After 6 months I reached my target. I lost 20kg. I lost 6 inch waist and now I can jog for more than 8 km. Now i feel more energetic. I can handle stress in much better way. Now this journey is more than a weight loss program. I have adopted a healthy lifestyle. I feel better because after seeing my lifestyle, five of my office colleague have also been inspired to make their life healthy. I have been given a “Pure Life Award” from my company for this efforts. In my journey I have got all support from my wife, Vrishali. Vrishali is my Chief supporter/motivator/ inspiration.

I would like to thank Amita for her guidance throughout this journey. Thank You Amita….

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