Diet for Fatty Liver

Welcome to the online session on ‘Diet for Fatty Liver’ by Nutritionist Amita. In this 2 hour session (28th July 2024, 10-12 am IST), you will learn what causes fatty liver, how to manage/reverse it using diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications.

Did you know Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) affects around 1 billion people globally and is a growing cause of liver disease in India?

  • NAFLD affects 9% to 32% of Indians, especially those who are overweight, obese, diabetic, or prediabetic.
  • The most affected age group is adults aged between 30 to 60 years in India.
  • It is more prevalent in urban areas due to sedentary lifestyles and dietary changes towards processed foods.

Our session on ‘Understanding and Managing Fatty Liver’ provides in-depth information to help you better understand and tackle this condition.

What you will learn in this 2 hour session

  1. What is fatty liver disease, types, risk factors, fatty liver grades

     2. Diagnosis

     3. Lifestyle changes for fatty liver

     4. Dietary management

     5. Supplements to manage fatty liver


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