Frequently Asked Questions

No. The diet/eating plan is prescribed based on what are your existing eating patterns. You will not need to buy expensive special ingredients for this. It will be staple foods with some alterations.
No appetite blockers or diet pills/powders are prescribed. The focus is on gaining nutrients through food and not pills. Nutraceutical Supplements will be prescribed only if you have clinical deficiency.

Follow up with Amita will be on a fortnightly basis depending on the plan you have chosen. The link for scheduling an appointment for the video follow up is shared a day prior. You just need to pick a timing convenient to you and schedule the follow up call.

Yes. All the consultations are online.


Yes. Amita has a large repository of recipes which she shares with all her clients.

Yes. The unique quality of this program is that you don’t have to eat any odd foods or change your primary eating pattern. In the Indian context, if you eat chapati and subzi in the morning, unless clinically required, you can continue to eat that and the program will take into consideration your food likes and dislikes.

Yes. Regular sustainable exercise, one which you enjoy doing, is a foundation element of being healthy.

Yes, you can. We will find some physical activity that you enjoy doing and will do that.


No. Ketogenic diet is a therapeutic diet recommended for only people who need it for clinical conditions like epilepsy. It is not advisable for everyone.


No. This is a custom program designed to suit your hunger and food habits


Intermittent fasting as a technique needs to be done under the supervision of a nutritionist. If your nutrition and health goals require you to be intermittent fasting, only then it will be recommended to you, not otherwise.

Mindful Eating’ forms the primary foundation of this nutrition program.

The USP of Amita’s nutrition advice is that it is ‘life ready’. Any social commitments, travel or life does not come in the middle of your health journey as those things are already taken into consideration when prescribing your customized plan

Yes. You can eat rice unless you have a clinical condition in which you need to restrict rice consumption.

Even for the clients who need to lose weight, the focus is more on getting them stronger and fitter. Weight loss/fat loss happens as a by-product, a bonus. Depending on your hormonal conditions, past dieting history, consistency and compliance to the nutritional advice- you can lose between 1 to 8 kg in a month

No. There is no money back guarantee. The only important guarantee you get and should need is, of getting a better understanding of your own nutritional needs.

There are no adverse side effects of following the nutrition advice, as Amita does not prescribe any crash diets, starvation diets, deprivation diets. The only happy effect of this program is that you will understand your own nutrition, will be more fit, look younger, have more energy to achieve your aspirations and will be confident about yourself and your health.

No. The fees need to be paid upfront to book an appointment with Amita.


Spot reduction is a myth. This is a clinical program focusing on all aspects of your health. We provide customized workout plans which help in overall improvement of fitness and health.


Amita's primary aim is to handhold you on your transformation journey and walk the talk with you. We want our clients to get the results that they come to us for, that is why we do not give one time consultation or shorter duration program. Sustainable healthy habits and results take time to show, a minimum of 120 days.

No, we do not offer any one-time consultation because the customized meal plans and workout plans provided need monitoring on a regular basis. We believe in giving results and helping you by providing constant guidance and direction to those on the program. Also, the aim is to provide you with life-ready nutrition, which is difficult to attain in a short duration. A one-time consultation cannot suffice this purpose.

Your exercise is decided based on your goals. We might recommend you to change your workout if required to meet your goals.

Your nutritionist will be Amita and/or a team member depending on the plan you have chosen

No, we do not guarantee results. You know why? To be able to guarantee results, we will have to become you. Unfortunately, we cannot do that; nor can we eat or exercise for you. So, considering you are in charge of your body, you need to take ownership of your own health and well-being. We will guide and support you 100%. Follow the instructions to the T and you will get results.