Viren Naralkar

Meeting and talking to Amita was a true life-changing experience! I never felt at any point that I was talking to a consultant, but a friend who can understand what I was going through.
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Tejas Mulay

I lost 20kg. I lost 6 inch waist and now I can jog for more than 8 km. Now i feel more energetic. I can handle stress in much better way. Now this journey is more than a weight loss program.
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Vrishali Mulay

She guided me through discussions rather than imposing decisions. After almost a year, I've shed 11 kg, returning to a healthy weight. Crucially, my PCOS is now under control, aligning with normal health parameters.
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Mrunalini Navgire

When the reports arrived, the consulting doctor greenlit Amita's approach. Clear blood reports, healthy HDL cholesterol, and low LDL—all achieved within just three months of minor adjustments.
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Ajay Nair

Amita is a skilled engineer for the body-as-technology concept. In three months, with disciplined efforts, my HbA1c dropped to 6.6 without medication, and blood pressure normalized. From size 42 trousers, I now comfortably fit into size 35!
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Sharvari K

I have noticed positive changes in other things as well. My confidence has improved, I feel strong mentally. Despite having #PCOS, I have managed to lose weight and inches which I never thought was possible.
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B Mohanachandran

Adopting a proper diet healed my chronic acidity. No more bloating, constipation is gone, and my energy levels are significantly higher. I've bid farewell to antacids, and acidity is now a thing of the past—all thanks to mindful eating.
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